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CC&C ltd has been involved with Commodities in one guise or another for over 12 years, focusing primarily on Alcohol supplies around Europe and the Far East.

However more recently we have become involved in brokering deals in varied markets around the world ranging from energy including gas, electricity and hydrocarbons including fuels and EN590 oils as well as foodstuffs and metals.




Our extensive knowledge and experience in logistical systems has helped us now join with several oil refineries whereby we are now strategically placed to deliver oils and fuel at a competitive price point to our retail customers from a consortium of privately owned fuelling stations to transportation/haulier companies in mainland Europe and the UK.

As fuel specifications vary market by market please contact our commodities team about you specific requirements.

If you feel this is a service that could benefit you, please contact in the first instance by email using the email address below or feel free to call the number listed below.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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